DQ10 Offline All Race – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT English version.

All Race

オーガ Ogre
プクリポ Pukuripo
エルフ Elf
ウェディ Weddie
ドワーフ Dwarf

All race’s statuses are the same. Choose what you like after the prologue episode.



DQ10 Offline Ogre - Dragon Quest X

The ogre is a race characterized by red skin and a well-endowed physique. Ogres live in Ogre Continent.




DQ10 Offline Pukuripo - Dragon Quest X

Pukuripo is a race characterized by its small body and cute appearance. Pukuripos live in Pukuripo Continent.




DQ10 Offline Elf - Dragon Quest X

Elf is a race with long ears and feathers on their backs. Elves live in Elf Continent.




DQ10 Offline Weddie - Dragon Quest X

Weddie has blue skin and a fish-like appearance. Weddies live in Weddie Islands.




DQ10 Offline Dwarf - Dragon Quest X

Dwarf is powerful despite their small size. Dwarves live in Dwarf Continent.