DQ10 Offline The Quests You Should Clear Early

Dragon Quest X Offline

Here’s an article for Dragon Quest X offline. I’ll explain the quests you should clear at an early point. This is not English version.

The Quests You Should Clear at an Early Point

クエスト (Japanese) Quest Reward
001 愛と信頼のゴールド銀行 Bank Quest All banks are available.
002 冒険者の酒場 Adventuerer’s Bar Quest All bars are available.
003 旅のお供にコンシェルジュ Concierge Quest You can use the concierge service, such as Tombola.
014 ガンコ職人の息子  Bag Bigger Quest 1 You can hold 100 items.
017 ライドオン ドルボード! Dollboard Quest You can ride on Dollboard. It is faster than running.
019 メダル・オーナーの悔恨 Medal Owner Quest You can exchange mini medals into useful items.