DQ10 Offline Prologue Walkthrough – Dragon Quest X


Dragon Quest X Offline Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT English version.

Prologue Walkthrough

When you read this article, you can understand the procedures to finish the prologue of Dragon Quest X Offline.

  1. Prologue
  2. Race Story
  3. Collecting 5 Key Emblems
  4. The Past Story
  5. Collecting another 5 key Emblems
  6. Final Battle



  1. Create your playable character and the sibling.
  2. Go to the house at the B-7 point in the village.
  3. Talk to the boy with glasses in the house.
  4. Talk to the man at the D-2 point in the village.
  5. Talk to the lady at the C-3 point in the village.
  6. Go back to the house at the B-7 point and check the left door.
  7. After going outside the village, go to the F-4 point.
  8. Go back to the village.
  9. Go to the house at the B-7 point again and then enter the left room.
  10. Go outside the village.
  11. Go to the cave north of the village.
  12. Go inside the cave and go to spring at the F-1 point.
  13. Fight against the boss.
  14. Go back to the village.
  15. Select your race and create your character.
  16. Decide your first vocation.
  17. Move forward to each race story.
じゅもん Spell Level
ホイミ It recovers a little HP. Hero 2
ザオ It sometimes resurrects one party member. The revived member’s HP is just 1 only. Hero 5
リレミト It escapes from dungeon. Hero 7
メラ It deals minor fire elemental damages to one enemy.
オーガ Ogre
プクリポ Pukuripo
エルフ Elf
ウェディ Weddie
ドワーフ Dwarf
戦士 Warrior
武闘家 Martial Artist
盗賊 Thief
僧侶 Priest
魔法使い Mage
旅芸人 Minstrel

You can’t change your race after you decide it. Also, you can’t pass any items and money to the next race story.