DQ10 Offline The Past Story – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.

The Past Story Walkthrough

When you read this article, you can understand the procedures to finish the past story of Dragon Quest X Offline. This story is after collecting 5 Key Emblems.

  1. Prologue
  2. Race Story
  3. Collecting 5 Key Emblems
    • Gatara
    • Gren
    • Jurret
    • Orfair
    • Azlan
  4. The Past Story
  5. Collecting another 5 key Emblems
  6. Final Battle



  1. Go to a station after obtaining 5 key emblems. You can go to a station anywhere. An event happens after getting on a train.
  2. An event happens when going up to the top of Landon Mountain.
  3. Enter the house at the B-6 point in Gren Town.
  4. Enter the house again. Choose Yes.
  5. Change your true form. And then go to a station and talk to the station staff. Hero arrives at the past Gren town when choosing ????.
  6. Head to Gren castle and enter it. Enter the throne room.
  7. Go down to the ground floor and enter the room at the E-3 point.
  8. Go outside of the town and go northeast in the East Gren region.
  9. Head to the biggest tent in the Elf’s village.
  10. Go back to the past Gren town and enter the castle.
  11. Head to the water well room at the D-3 point on the ground floor. Talk to the man in the room.
  12. Go to the Elf’s village again. Check the tent. Himea joins your party temporarily.
  13. Go south in the East Gren region. Talk to Fosstail in the inn at Gert Strait.
  14. Pass through the strait to the southwest exit. Defeat Landon crakes to obtain an ice bird’s wing.
  15. Talk back to Fosstail in the inn again.
  16. Go to the village at the C-3 point in Landon Foot region. Enter the biggest tent.
  17. Go back to the past Gren castle. Enter the throne room.
  18. Go to the top of Landon Mountain from the Landon Foot region. You can enter the Reidametes Temple anytime after the event.
  19. Go deeper the temple to wipe out three flames. You have to defeat three guards of the hell in front of the flame.
  20. Go up to the highest floor and defeat the boss.
  21. After that, go back to the past Gren town. Enter the room at the D-3 point on the ground floor in Gren castle.
  22. Go back to the current world from the station.

It is not possible to go to the past world if you didn’t change your true form. Then, Daston, Fuura, and Hussar cannot go to the past world.

You can go back to the current world from the past Gren station anytime.