DQ5 Zenithia – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Lofty Peak - Dragon Quest V Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.


Lofty Peak

  1. Get on the ship from Gotha.
  2. Enter the cavern called Estuary Sanctuary. It is located in the northeast of the world. 
  3. Get through the cavern and enter Lofty Peak town.
  4. Obtain Magic key and Flying carpet in the town. To obtain the key and the carpet, you go up the top of the town and down another path. If you rotate the screen, you may understand the route easily.

The Bjørn Event happens anytime. When you finish this event, you obtain the ultimate key. You might finish the event as soon as possible.

Bjørn Event



Stairway to Zenithia

  1. Use a flying carpet on the field.
  2. Go to the tower located in the center of the world.
  3. Go up.
  4. Talk to the Zenithian and obtain Magma staff.

I recommend that you recruit Golem around the tower. The recruitable monster is powerful and competent.



Diggery Pokery

  1. Go to the lake where you can see the sunk castle. The lake is at the south of Lofty Peak.
  2. Use a Magma staff in front of the mountain on the lake.
  3. Enter the cave and go deep inside.
  4. Save Dr. Agon on your way.
  5. Enter the Zenithia and go to the throne room.
  6. Check behind the throne. You can find a hidden down-staircase.
  7. Talk to Dr.Agon and an event happens.




  1. Join the hero’s son or daughter in advance.
  2. Use a carpet and go to the forest called Neverglade. It is located in the east of Mostroferrato.
  3. Go to the place where a faerie makes a bonfire and an event happens.
  4. Follow the faerie and go to Faerie Lea.
  5. Talk to Treacle and receive Faerie horn.

If you do not join the hero’s son or daughter, an event never happens.



Faerie Palace

  1. Go to the spring which is located north of Stairway to Zenithia.
  2. Use a Faerie horn in front of the flower in the spring.
  3. Enter the palace
  4. Talk to Queen Caramel and receive a Gold bauble.
  5. Hero holds the bauble.
  6. Go upstairs.
  7. Stand in front of the picture, and then hero warps to the past Whealbrook.
  8. Talk to the boy with a sabrecat near the church.
  9. Go out of Whealbrook.
  10. An event happens, and then obtain a Gold orb.




  1. Pass the Gold orb to Dr.Agon, and then an event happens. After that, you can use Zenithia to move.
  2. Go inside Zenithia and go to the small room. It is next to the other room there are two beds and drawers.
  3. Check a drawer and obtain a Grappling hook.



Talon Tower

  1. Go to the Talon tower, located in the west of Helmunaptra. You can go to it if you can move a floating Zenithia.
  2. Go up the tower from outside.
  3. Use a Grappling hook and go inside.
  4. Go down to the ground floor and push the lever to open the front door.
  5. Go downstairs to the second basement floor and defeat Slon. Obtain Dragon’s right eye after that.
  6. Go downstairs to the third basement floor and defeat Ladja. Obtain Dragon’s left eye after that.
  7. Go up to the second floor and use two eyes in front of the dragon statue’s eye.
  8. Go inside the mouth of the dragon and obtain the Dragon orb and Dragon staff.
  9. Go back to the throne room of Zenithia, and then an event happens.
  10. After that, obtain the Zenithian tintinnabulum.