DQ5 Bjørn Event – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain the Bjørn Event of Dragon Quest V. We must defeat it to obtain the ultimate key. Its event happens anytime after wearing off the hero’s petrification.



  1. Talk to Rodrigo Briscoletti in Mostroferrato town, and an event happens.
  2. Go to the small shrine that is located west of Stockenbarrel.
  3. In the shrine, go downstairs and see the color of the pot.
  4. Go back to Mostroferrato town and talk to Rodrigo Briscoletti again.
  5. Enter the tower next to the town and fight against Bjørn the Behemoose.
  6. Obtain the ultimate key after defeating Bjørn.

You can go inside the Mantleplace by the ultimate key. The cave is located north of Whealbrook. I recommend obtaining Pallium regale in the cave.