DQ5 Nadiria – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Nadiria - Dragon Quest V Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.



  1. Use the Zenithian tintinnabulum on the field to ride on the legendary dragon.
  2. Go to Crocodilopolis at the center of the world.
  3. Two rooms will be right there on both sides. Enter the room on the right side and defeat a snake ch-arm-er. And then obtain the Zenithian armour.
  4. Enter the hall and defeat two mandrake marauders.
  5. Talk to the lady on the stage and defeat Queen Ferz. 
  6. There’s a cross pattern painted on the ground in front of the stone statue. After defeating Ferz, check the pattern of the center, then you can find downstairs.
  7. Go down and defeat King Korol.
  8. After defeating it, obtain a Circle of life.
  9. Go up, and then, the petrification of the hero’s wife wears off.
  10. Go back to Gotha.




  1. Go to Lofty Peak town.
  2. Go north by ship and enter the cave called Estuary Sanctuary.
  3. Go deep inside. Then, there’s a room locked by a cell door.
  4. There are three goddess statues in the room. Use the ring for each one. And then, an event happens.
  5. Go to Nadiria and obtain the Sage’s stone.
  6. Stop by the Precaria town in the Nadiria.



Mt. Zugzwang

  1. Go to the Mt. Zugzwang. It is located north of Nadiria world.
  2. Ladja waits for you on the way, and you must defeat it.
  3. Go deep inside and obtain Aspersorium.
  4. Use it in front of lava, and you can go inside more deeply.
  5. You can see the last boss called Grandmaster Nimzo. Defeat it.