DQ5 T’n’T Board – Dragon Quest V

DQ5 T’n’T Board - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


T’n’T Board

T’n’T board is a board game. There are five boards in the Dragon Quest V world. The board game can be played using a T’n’T ticket.

T’n’T board is to throw some dice and get some prizes. If you reach the goal, you obtain practical items. The lead party member plays the game only. The board game is various panels the token must move, such as hazards, shops, chests, and terrain. Some enemies appear on the board.

T’n’T Board Place # Prize
Fortuna T’n’T Board Fortuna 10 Mini medal
Edged boomerang
Ventuno T’n’T Board Ventuno 18 Lacy bustier
Prayer ring
Spring T’n’T Board Northwest of Faerie Lea 23 Happy hat
Miracle sword
Nadiria T’n’T Board South of Mt. Zugzwang 25  Mini medal
Sands of Time
T’n’T free pass
Stark Raving T’n’T Board Fungeon 70  Starkers join the party

# The number of throwing dice


How to Get T’n’T ticket

You can get T’n’T ticket to check pots, barrels, and treasure chests. Also, the ticket is one of the Tombola prize. Playing tombola is effective way to get some tickets.

The game can be played any time with a T’n’T free pass. You can obtain the T’n’T free pass when you reach the goal of the Nadiria T’n’T Board. I recommend that you leave some tickets until reaching the goal.




Firstly, If the character on the board level is higher, the enemies are higher. To fight against enemies easily, I recommend a low-level and strong character, such as Goodybag, Gigantes, Liquid metal slime, join the board game. Secondly, you equip beneficial weapons and armors such as Sacred armour, Miracle sword, Staff of salvation, and Power shield. Finally, do not check the ground. Sometimes, you fail a hidden pit and end the board game.