DQ5 Uptaten Towers Map – Dragon Quest V

DQ5 Uptaten Towers Map - Dragon Quest V

# Treasure Chest Memo
A Chimaera wing
B Medicinal herb
C Handwoven cape
D Medicinal herb
E Silver tea tray Knick-knacks
F Silver teapot Knick-knacks
G Chimaera wing
H Medicinal herb
I Torch Important Item
J Seed of strength
K 30 Gold
L Toff’s teacup Knick-knacks
RouteExit > 1 > ε > 8 > 2 > α > 3 > η > 9 > θ > 10 > 11 > μ > 4 > β > 12 > 14 > 16 > obtain a torch > 16 > 14 > 12 > 11 > use a torch > λ > ρ > 14 > 12 > 11 > use a torch > λ > 6
# Event
α Save Bianca in the tomb.
Talk to the Count Uptaten. The King asks you to defeat the boss.
Fight against the boss.
Wake up there if you take a rest in the inn of the castle.
Bianca is kidnapped by someone.
If you check the statue, you can fight against a living statue. It drops a seed of resilience. (optional)
Talk to the Miss Count and then appears downstairs.
Talk to the Miss Count.
If you use a torch, the ghost disappears.
Fall the pit after using a torch. Then, you can obtain a Silver teapot and Chimaera wing. (optional)
Talk to the boss. Firstly, you trap and fall to the ground floor. Secondly, you follow the boss to door #6.
Follow the Count Uptaten. The King tells you about a torch.
You can open the door after you agree to defeat the boss.
You can take a rest at the inn, but you wake up at the δ point outside the tower. I recommend you unlock the #5 door from inside before that. (optional)
ρ Fight against three wax murderers there after you are trapped.