DQ5 Tombola – Dragon Quest V

DQ5 Tombola - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.



Tombola is a game to draw a small colored ball that means a lottery. A tombola tiecket is necessary to play Tombola. You can play the Tombola game at the inn of Lodestar Harbour.


How to get Tombola Tiecket

The item shop at Lodestar Harbour sometimes gives a tombola ticket to you when you buy something. The chance of receiving a ticket is the same whether you buy one item or nine. Be careful you don’t get a Tombola ticket if you buy something at the other town’s item shop.



# Color Prize Memo
Special Gold Loyalty card Buy anything 20% off.
1 Silver Prayer ring
2 Red Paxa punch
3 Blue Rockbomb shard
4 Green Tombola ticket
5 White T ‘n’ T ticket