DQ5 Tuppence – Dragon Quest V

DQ5 Tuppence - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


Tuppence is a soldier of Gotha. He can join the party after talking him in the inn of Gotha. He cannot cast any spell.



Name Stats New Memo
Copper sword 13 270
Steel broadsword 33 2000
Morning star 45 3900 It is designed to attack a group of enemies.
Dream blade 55 6300 It has a 25 percents chance of putting enemies to sleep per slash.
Zombiesbane 80 11500 It deals 50% more damage to creatures from the zombie family.
Dragonsbane 90 15000 Recommended Weapon. It deals 50% more damage to creatures from the dragon family.
Massacre sword 95 Cursed. The wielder’s defense is zero.
Blizzard blade 105 21000 Recommended Weapon. Its damage will be multiplied by 1.5 when attacking an enemy with weak against ice-elemental attacks.
Metal king sword 130 50000 Tokens




Name Stats New Memo
Plain clothes 4 30 Hero equips first.
Wayfarer’s clothes 7 70
Leather armour 11 180
Scale armour 15 350
Chain mail 19 500
Bronze armour 21 700
Iron cuirass 23 1000
Iron armour 25 1200
Full plate armour 30 2300
Silver mail 40 4800
Dragon mail 50 7500 It protects against fire breath by ten damages.
Spiked armour 55 It sometimes reflects 1/4th damage.
Magic armour 60 12000 Recommended Armour. It reduces magical damage by ten.
Flame armour 70 15000 Recommended Armour. It reduces ice-elemental damage by ten.
Mirror armour 80 30000 It reflects magic back to the caster 33.3% of the time.
Metal king armour 95 Metal Dragon drops the armour 1/256th of the time.




Name Stats New Memo
Ruinous sheild 0 Cursed shield. It raises Frizz, Sizz, Crack, and Woosh by 20 damages. Also, it lowers defense to zero.
Leather shield 4 70
Scale shield 7 180
Bronze shield 11 370
Iron shield 16 720 It reduces fire and ice-elemental damage by four.
Dragon shield 30 7100 Recommended Shield. It reduces fire and ice-elemental damage by fifteen.
Flame shield 40 17000 Recommended Shield. It reduces ice-elemental damage by fifteen points.
Metal king shield 70
(50 Mini Medals)
It reduces the accuracy of Snooze, Dazzle, Fuddle, and instant death.




Name Stats New Memo
Leather hat 2 65
Hardwood headwear 6 120
Iron helmet 16 1100
Iron Mask 25 3500
Thinking cap 40 13000 It is designed to augment its wearer’s intelligence by fifteen points.
Great helm 45 20000 Recommended helm.
Metal king helm 70 Treasure chest in Mt. Zugzwang