Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

5. Ultimate Key (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

Let’s get an Ultimate key at first after getting your ship.


You don’t need to fight any ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

4. Getting Ship (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

Let’s get your ship after obtaining a magic key. You need to defeat Robbin”Ood twice until then.

Walkt ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

Items that you can get using the magic key [DQ3]

You can get a Magic key on the second floor in the pyramid. After that, you might want to obtain these items on the b ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

3. Portoga - Baharata (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

You might want to buy a Spiked Steel Whip at Portoga. Also, you should buy a Magic Shield at Baharata. If you cannot ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

2. Romaria - Asham - Isis (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

It is tough to go to Asham and Isis before leveling up. However, if you get a magic key in the Pyramid, you can buy a ...