Tactics Ogre Reborn – Whips

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.


Name ATK Weight RT Type & Affinity Battle Ability Status Note
Bullwhip 62 6 +28 Crushing Counterattack II STR+3, VIT+2  
Bullwhip+1 74 7 +31 Crushing, Beast Counterattack II STR+3, VIT+2  
Spiked Laurel 86 8 +33 Crushing Counterattack II HP+4, VIT+3, DEX+2, RES+1  
Spiked Laurel+1 98 8 +36 Crushing Counterattack II HP+4, VIT+3, DEX+2, RES+1  
Clearcrack Whip 110 9 +38 Crushing Counterattack III STR+3, DEX+2, AGI+2, INT+6
Effect: Drain Mind x3
Holy Comet 118 9 +40 Crushing, Light,
Counterattack III HP+5, STR+3, VIT+4, DEX+2,  AVD+3, RES+4  
Blood Whip 134 11 +43 Crushing, Dark Counterattack III STR+6, DEX+4, INT-5, MND+3
Effect: Drain Heart x3
Supple Whip 136 8 +43 Crushing, Human Counterattack IV MP+10, DEX+8, RES+5, LUK+15 On hit:Cursed
Cat o’ Nine Tails 140 12 +44 Crushing, Dark, Dragon Counterattack IV STR+8, VIT+3, AVD+3, MND+2, LUK-5  
Rose Whip 145 10 +45 Crusing, Ice, Beast Counterattack IV STR+15, VIT+16, DEX+17, AGI+8, AVD+8, INT+6, MND+8, RES+6, LUK+8
Whip skill +30
On hit: Charmed
Effect: Demon Rose x3
Cursed weapon 0 0 0   Counterattack IV  
Effect: Snapdragon x1