Tactics Ogre Reborn – Recommended Classes

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Recommended Classes

This article includes recommended classes for human and non-human.

  • Human
  • Non-human



Warrior Warriors can equip themselves with many weapons. One powerful skill is the Mighty Impact, which guarantees critical hits for melee attacks. If you have just started the game, having a Warrior as a vanguard is sufficient.
Cleric is a rearguard class proficient in healing magic. They can also use ranged healing magic. They are also adept at performing exorcisms, making them effective against undead creatures. It is advisable to include one or two Clerics in your battle formation.
Rune Fencer
Rune Fencer is capable of using both restorative and offensive magic. They can equip a variety of weapons, including daggers, one-handed swords, spears, and bows. Additionally, they have access to strong armor. With the ability to attack both up close and from a distance, Rune Fencer offers versatile combat options.
Vartan is a winged-man class, and Canopus starts in this class. They can have access to a dagger, a one-handed axe, and a one-handed bow. Winged-men possess high mobility, allowing them to efficiently defeat enemy bosses in minimal time. Winged-man is in Phorampa Wildwood and should be recruited when you are able to go.
Berserker Berserker boasts exceptional attack power. With the powerful Berserk auto-skill, it can unleash simultaneous attacks on five squares in front of and around it. This ability makes the Berserker particularly effective in areas with dense enemy presence, allowing it to remain highly active on the battlefield.
Knight Knight excels in high defense capabilities. The auto-skill Phalanx is particularly powerful, with its mitigation rate increasing as the Knight’s level rises. This class can endure even the strongest weapon skills from formidable enemies. Furthermore, the Knight is highly effective in preventing enemies from advancing to your rear side, making it an excellent choice for defensive strategies.
Dragoon Dragoon is a specialized class known for its strength against Dragons and Beasts. The Dragonslayer skill allows them to deal heavy damage to Dragons, while the Beastslayer skill enables them to inflict significant damage on Beasts. Considering the high HP of Dragons and Beasts, it is advisable to deploy Dragoons when facing these enemies within enemy territory.
Shaman is a class with a strong magical attack. Only certain people can become this class. If you have some summoning magic, you should definitely change this class.



Non – Human

Flood Dragon Flood Dragon’s Breath attack deals damage and can lower the enemy’s defense. Its limited mobility makes it well-suited for handling an aggressive enemy vanguard.
Flame Dragon Flame Dragon’s Breath attack deals damage and can lower the enemy’s attack. Its limited mobility makes it well-suited for handling an aggressive enemy vanguard.
Cockatrice possesses high HP and mobility. It also has the ability to petrify enemies with its breath attack. This can be useful for temporarily incapacitating troublesome foes.
Gryphon Gryphon possesses high HP and mobility. The Gryphon is valuable for its paralyzing breath ability, which can sometimes immobilize enemies. It proves particularly effective in swiftly dispatching enemy bosses.