Tactics Ogre Reborn – Hanging Gardens Walkthrough

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Chapter 4 – Hanging Gardens

This article describes the story from the beginning of the Hanging Gardens to its end.

If you retreat to the Hanging Gardens, you will have to start over from the beginning. Before entering the Hanging Gardens, make sure to prepare your items and equipment. Also, if your unit falls into the abyss in the Hanging Gardens, that character will be lost. Be sure to equip anti-knockback “Steadfast” skills and wing boots to prevent this.

The game ends when you defeat the final boss at the innermost part of the Hanging Gardens.


In the Hanging Gardens, there are several stages with hidden doors. When an allied unit stands in front of a hidden door, the door will appear. After that, if you clear that stage, you can proceed via the hidden door to take a shortcut.

The Fastest Shortcut to the Heart of the Gardens
  1. Foot of the Garden (Hidden Door)
  2. Verdant Stair (Hidden Door)
  3. Halcyon Days
  4. Sounding of the Hours (Hidden Door)
  5. Ebon Stair (Hidden Door)
  6. Twixt Heaven and Earth


Foot of the Garden

After the event, the battle will commence. It is advisable to reduce the number of enemies before attempting to open the hidden door.

Clear without opening the door The Serpent Spine
Normal Door His Fist Upraised
Hidden Door Verdant Stair
Hidden Door

Hidden Door


The Serpent Spine

Be careful not to fall off the edge. (Next: Echoes of Her Passage)


His Fist Upraised

As you can see, you start from a low position. Intercept the enemy griffon in its initial position and defeat the enemy’s rear guard simultaneously. (Next: Tears of Topaz)


Echoes of Her Passage

As you can see, you start from a low position. A magic attack would be helpful.

Clear without opening the door Songs of Raven Hair
Hidden Door Enraptured Dreams
Hidden Door

Hidden Door


Tears of Topaz

If the enemy has dragons or griffons, send out the dragoon. (Next: Enraptured Dreams)


Verdant Stair

Take out cockatrices in its initial position first, and then deal with the other Temple Knights.

Clear without opening the door Songs of Raven Hair
Hidden Door Halcyon Days
Hidden Door

Hidden Door


Songs of Raven Hair

Cyclops and griffons will appear, so send the dragoon out to deal with them! (Next: Hold High Your Cups)


Enraptured Dreams

Beware of Cyclops’ stun. Let the dragoon go out. (Next: Halcyon Days)


Hold High Your Cups

Block the stairs with knights and vanguards, and deal with cockatrices in its initial position.

Clear without opening the door Halcyon Days
Normal Door The Beast Has Fangs
Hidden Door Vermillion Stair
Hidden Door

Hidden Door


Halcyon Days

The battle field is wide and the enemies will attack from different directions. The vanguard and rearguard should move together or deal with the enemies in their initial positions. There’s no hidden door in this stage. (Next: Sounding of the Hours)


The Beast Has Fangs

The path is narrow, so use knights and vanguards to block the way, and attack with bows and magic from behind and above. (Next: Faith and Devotion)


Vermillion Stair

This is a battle field with many hills and valleys. You should expect to face at least two dragons, so don’t forget to deploy your dragoon.

Clear without opening the door Sharp and Cold the Stars
Hidden Door Ebon Stair
Hidden Door

Hidden door


Sounding of the Hours

You should expect to face at least two basilisks, so don’t forget to deploy your dragoon. To avoid being affected by the basilisk’s evil eye, avoid facing it directly or equip a shield as protection.

Clear without opening the door Sharp and Cold the Stars
Hidden Door Ebon Stair
Hidden Door

Hidden door


Faith and Devotion

Hippogriffs and onyx dragons make this battle stage tricky. Let’s send out the dragoon to deal with them. (Next: Sharp and Cold the Stars)


Sharp And Cold The Stars

In this stage, skeletons and ghosts will appear. Use holy water or exorcism to get rid of them. Don’t forget to deal with the dragons as well. There’s no hidden door. (Next: Ivory Stair)


Ebon Stair

The vanguard should block the way while attacking from behind with bows and magic. Phoenixes also use magic, which means they can attack from a distance, so be careful.

Clear without opening the door Ivory Stair
Hidden Door Twixt Heaven and Earth
Hidden Door

Hidden door


Ivory Stair

There are no monsters in this battle stage. Let’s deal with the Temple Knights coming down the stairs at your initial positions.


Twixt Heaven and Earth

When attempting to go the stairs, enemies will descend. It’s also effective to ascend using Canopus, Hawkman, or those who equip wing boots.

Andras’s direct attacks and magic attacks are both powerful..You may want to use items that reduce his attack power.

This battle stage cannot be scouted. Please refer to the video above. Once you enter the next stage, Heart of the Gardens, you will not be able to return until the video game is cleared.



Chapter 4 – Heart of the Gardens

Once you enter Heart of the Gardens, you cannot go back. The last boss is very strong. Be sure to save your data separately before entering Heart of the Gardens.


The Tomb Below

As you can see, we start at a high elevation in this battle stage. Undead monsters will appear, so make sure to bring holy water and cast exorcism. While dealing with them, try to defeat the enemy at its initial positions.


Relics of the Past

Your units that can attack with bows or magic should climb to the high ground immediately to the left and start attacking. The vanguard should intercept the enemies coming. After that, you might want to chase the enemy gunners, clerics, and wizards.



Chamber of the Seal

As you can see, this battle stage has five of us and two enemy bosses. Note that Denam starts near the enemy.

Martym uses powerful magics. He is coming towards your units, so defeat him first. Use Brand of the Sacrifice and Dynast-King’s Mead to lower his attack and defense. Martym is weak against poison. Barbas uses a finishing move that can petrify your units. Be sure to use these items to lower his attack and defense before attacking.

To deal over 1000 damage, it’s recommended to change your unit’s elements to wind in advance. Lower their defenses and then use your finishing moves.


Final Battle

This battle consists of two fights. In the first fight, you will face the final boss “Dorgalua” with doppelgangers of your allies. In the second fight, you will face a powered-up version of Dorgalua. The results of the first fight will carry over to the second, so it’s crucial to keep the good condition in the initial battle.


First Battle

Doppelgangers of your allies have the same equipment and abilities as you. Dorgalua’s magic is so powerful that the first thing we need to do is to inflict silence on him at all costs. Then, we should petrify or charm any pesky doppelgangers. Finally, we can attack Dorgalua. Since Dorgalua’s HP is not high, we should defeat him quickly all at once.

Dopplegangers of your units Petrify them
Charm them
Drop them into an abyss with a shield.
Dorgalua Inflict silence on him. He does not use any finishing moves in the first battle.


Final Battle

The final boss, “Dorgalua,” has over 4000 HP and can act quickly. Additionally, he can use finishing moves that reduce MP and terrorize your units. He tends to target those with low HP, so be careful.

Save up MP and attack steadily with special moves and magic. The vanguard have to chase and attack, but Magic and bows in the rearguard are relatively easy to damage. It is a good idea for everyone to use items that cause damage. Reflective damage from the dragon’s dragonscale is also effective.