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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Who am I?

Progression Rank
Requirement Defeat Saruin and complete the game by fulfilling the following four conditions.
・See Minion of Saruin in front of the twin moon temple.
・See Minion of Saruin during the quest “Pirate Invasion."
・Complete the quest “The Assassins’ Guild."
・See Death.
Then, Darque opening occurs at the opening of the next round. Note that in the remastered version, Darque opening will occur even if the Neidhart Opening and the above conditions are met at the same time.
Rewards Darque’s Sword

After the Darque opening, he appears in a town somewhere. Invite him to your party.


How to recruit Aldora in her original form (Recommended)

  1. Aldora’s events progress as Darque’s INT is raised.
  2. When Darque’s INT is 16, 22, 30, or 40, his Wizard level is raised and he regains his memory as Aldora.
  3. Go to The Netherworld when your DEX is under 50 and your INT is over 40.
  4. Ask Death to open the way to the Purgatory.
  5. Go down to the 1000th floor, the lowest level of the Purgatory.
  6. At the 1000th floor, an event occurs and Darque leaves your party.
  7. Pick up the Wizard’s Ring on the ground.
  8. Aldora in the form of Darque will appear in a town somewhere, so talk to her and give her the Wizard’s Ring.
  9. Choose “I’ll fight with you." and she will join your party.
  10. She will join you in defeating Saruin.
  11. Aldora’s event will be added at the ending.
  12. If you start the game with “New Game +" after this ending, Aldora in her original form will join you.


How to recruit Darque in his original form

  1. Raising Darque’s DEX will advance Darque’s events.
  2. When Darque’s DEX is 16, 22, 30, or 40, his Assassin level increases and he regains his memory as Darque.
  3. When Darque’s DEX is 50 or higher, an event will occur when he enters a town, and he will leave the party.
  4. Enter the Assassins’ Guild. (Accept the quest “The Assassins’ Guild.")
  5. When you reach the end of the guild, you will find Darque.
  6. In the conversation with Darque, select “Help me destroy Saruin!" and Darque will join your party and you will get Darque’s Sword.