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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Synthesized Spell

Synthesized Spell is a type of spell that is created by combining two or more different spells. The purpose of a synthesized spell is to enhance the effect of a spell or create a new spell. It can only be used by class “Imperial Scholar” or “Rosalian Mage” by synthesizing spells. You cannot use Synthesized Spells in other classes. Synthesized Spells will be deactivated when you change classes. To enter the Spell Synthesis screen, press the △ button on the Spell List screen. You can only create one Synthesized Spell at a time. There are two types of Synthesized Spells: Double Synthesis Spells and Triple Synthesis Spells.

Double Synthesis Spells Debuff Spell
Triple Synthesis Spells Status Ailment Spell



Schools of Magic Debuff Ailments Species
Pyrology STR Confusion Plants
Hydrology AGI Poison Insects
Aerology DEX Unconsciousness Winged
Terrology WIL Sleep Beasts
Illusions CHR Charm Reptile
Demonology INT Shock
Cosmology COM Paralysis Undead
Sorcery Darkness
Bewitchery Berserk Demon
Necromancy Stun

By adding the element trait to a synthesized spell, you can apply debuff or ailment effects listed in the table above.