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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Double synthesis spell

Double synthesis spell can only be used by class “Imperial Scholar” by synthesizing two spells.

Synthesis spell Detail Base spell Spell 2 BP LP
Songs of Souls
Cause comrade’s HP to slowly regenerate. Flame of Life Self-immolation 10 0
Flame of Life Summon Elemental 10 0
Flame of Life Revive 10 0
Hasten Time Alter the fabric of time to end the turn. Your entire party can act while time is frozen. Fold Time Snowstorm 26 1
Petra Delta
Unleash a cloud of petrifying gas. Pulverize Freeze Time 15 1
Pulverize Mind Blast 15 1
Tremor Enhance Spells 15 1
Tremor Mind Blast 15 1
Tremor Freeze Time 15 1
Create a shield to protect yourself from magic attacks. Enhance Spells Armor Blessing 7 1
Enhance Spells Blind to Earth 7 1
Enhance Spells Way of Focus 7 1
Armor Blessing Enhance Spells 7 1
Galactic Rift Bombard all enemies with a hail of cosmic rays. Cosmic Tide Strengthen Pull 12 1
Rain of Life Restore all your comrades’ HP. Way of Focus Holy Water 17 5