Special Weapons (Weapon Skill / Battle Skill): Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered

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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Special Weapons (Weapon Skill / Battle Skill)

Weapon Skill Type BP LP Target Status Effect
Chalice Holy Sparkle 0 1 All Enemies COM Water that carries a holy blessing.
Chalice Miracle Water 0 3 All Comrades Instantly restore all comrades’s BP to maximum.
Dinosour Egg Hatch of the Dinosour         Something will hatch. Only one use.
Epic Hero Gate Hand Axe 10 3   WIL Open the door to another dimension.
Destroyer Malefic Eclipse Two-handed Axe 10 3 All Enemies WIL Cause all enemies to decay.
Chaosbringer Haunted Louse Two-handed Axe 11 6   WIL An inhuman presence strikes the enemy.
Silver Flueret Hunter’s Fury Foil 4 0   WIL An effective strike against beatmen.
Axe of Kings Flicker of Flame Two-handed Axe 10 5     Call to Pyrix for aid.
Feather Spear Gust of Wind Lance 10 5     Call to Avi for aid.
Serpentbrand Flow of Water Short Sword 10 5     Call to Strom for aid.
Serpent Staff Warmth of Earth Staff 10 5   Call to Adyllis for aid.
Yucomb’s Trident Divine Lightning Pole Arms 11 4 INT  Call for Yucomb’s aid.
Bilqis Fury of Bel’kwinith Hand Axe 15  STR  Chop up everything you touch into tiny pieces.
Main Gauche Victor’s Blade Long Sword  16    Raise your sword to the heavens, intimidating the enemy to retreat.
Main Gauche Left Fork Long Sword 19   STR Wield your sword in your left hand, and put your full weight behind your slash.
Ere’s Bow Dream Shot Bow 20   DEX A gorgeous small bow blessed by Eres, goddess of the moon.
Minstrel’s Sword Feste d’Arme Long Sword 16   4   Bring your comrades to a fever pitch. Raise all allies status +10.