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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Now what do I do?

Progression Rank
Requirement This quest is available in the next playthrough after completing the quest “Who am I?“.
Rewards Bejeweled Shield
Aldora’s Staff

Recruit her as your party by talking to Aldora in town. The towns and places featured in this airticle can be visited in any order from this point on. You can even explore them after defeating the boss.

In South Estamir After you tell a beggar child to get lost, she started talking to you.
In Mirsaburg As you enter the town square, she begins to tell you about her memories.
In Eugenstadt You talk to the woman in front of the castle, and she begins to tell you about the original Baron Eugen.
In Melvir’s Imperial Library When you read a book from the Children’s Section, she pours out her feelings of pain.
In Godongo Upon entering the town, an event begins that requires me to save the townspeople from the Gecklings.
At the Sun’s altar in the Steppes of Galessa As we approach the ruins in the Steppes of Galessa, she begins to tell me about how she witnessed Mirsa’s struggle firsthand.
In Gato’s Village in Valhalland As you enter the village, she tells that makes you wonder how people could live in such a place.
In the Frontier Once you defeat the boss “Jewel Beast", she will tell you a story about the boss and give you Bejeweled Shield.

After completing all the events up to this point, when you enter the Isthmus region, an event will begin. After the event, enter the Isthmus castle. Defeat the enemy, examine the staff, and obtain Aldora’s Staff. At this point, the quest will be complete.