FF6 Low Level Guide 3 – Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster


I’ll explain how low-level party members defeat the bosses.



Locke 6
Celes 6
Edgar 6
Sabin 7
Gau 8
Setzer 6



I recommend learning these below Rages before the Ultros battle. In addition, if you are a low-level player, you go to Veldt and learn some magic after Dadaluma’s battle.

Aspiran Gigavolt Light elemental damage
Anguiform Aqua Breath Wind and Water elemental damages
Commander Break Petrify
Gobbledegook Vanish Invisible status
Lessor Lopros Fire ball Fire elemental damage




Name Dadaluma
Location Zozo
HP 3270
Skill ・Normal Attack
・Call two Iron Fist
・Throw weapons (Dagger, Mythrill Knife)

Weakness Poison

In the pixel remaster, we get EXP from Iron Fist. Dadaluma has no EXP. Fortunately, we can skip EXP using Rage ‘Commander.’ If its skill ‘Break’ petrifies Dadaluma, then you can skip EXP.

In the above video, party members are invisible in advance and defeat Dadaluma. Gobbledegook got confused by Edgar’s Noiseblaster and used Vanish to members.



Ultros (2nd)

Name Ultros
Location Opera House
HP 2550
Skill ・Normal Attack
・Lv.3 Confuse
・Acid Rain (counter)
Weakness Fire

That’s a second battle. Ultros is vulnerable to Fire and Thunder elemental attacks. So, Gau’s Rage ‘Aspiran’ is effective against Ultros. It has a counter for Bushido and Bliz. If you don’t want to join Gau, learn Thundara and use it.



Ifrit & Shiva

Name Ifrit
Location Magitek Research Facility
HP 3300
Skill ・Normal Attack

Weakness Ice
Name Shiva
Location Magitek Research Facility
HP 3000
Skill ・Normal Attack

Weakness Fire

The two Espers ‘Ifrit’ and ‘Shiva’ are strong. This battle might be hard if you are a low-level player. All party members would be K.O if they used Blaze or Snowstorm to all. I hope that they won’t do that during the battle. Anyway, we have to defeat Ifrit or Shiva. I recommend that you choose Shiva. Switch an Esper when we hit these Esper five times.

Ifrit appears first so that you hit normal attack five times. Then, Gau uses Rage ‘Lessor Lopros’ after Shiva appears. Celes always use Runic to avoid their magic attack. Ifrit and Shiva’s magic are severe. Wear Reflect Ring if you have it.



Number 024

Name Number 024
Location Magitek Research Facility
HP 4777
Skill ・Normal Attack
・Barrier Change
・Rune Blade
・Acid Rain
・Aqua Breath
・Gale cut
・Sonic Boom
・Cave in
・Arctic Hare
・Magnitude 8

Imp magic is effective against Number 024. So, learn the magic and be invisible to all by the Gau’s Gobbledegook. Someone casts Imp and then attacks the boss.



Number 128 & Left Blade & Right Blade

Name Number 128
Location Magitek Research Facility
HP 3276
Skill ・Normal Attack
・Blood Feast
・Shock Wave
・Gale Cut
・Atmoic Rays

There are three enemies in this battle. Left and right arms attack the party members. Both arms revive later when you defeat them. We can get Phantom Magicite before the battle. I recommend to cast Phantom during the battle. It is also good that you use Phantom in advance. That was a tough battle as I did not use Phantom.

Firstly, cast slow to all. And then, you might want to attack the boss using Gau’s Aspiran or Anguiform. These Rages are useful and powerful, so you learn them in advance.



Crane x 2

Name Crane
Location Vector
HP 2300
Skill ・Normal Attack
・Wrecking ball
・Magnitude 8
Weakness Water

Gau’s Rage ‘Aspiran’ or ‘Anguiform’ are very effective against these cranes. You might want to use Phantom. Setzer joins the party, but he might not be helpful in this battle. So, he uses potions for others.