FF6 Low Level Guide 1 – Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster


I’ll explain how low-level party members defeat the bosses.



Terra 3
Locke 5
Edgar 6
Sabin 6
Banon 9



In Figaro Castle, you should buy 30 potions or more in advance. You use them during the Vargas battle.




Name Ymir (Head)
Location Narshe Mines
HP 1600
Skill ・Normal Attack
Name Ymir (Shell)
Location Narshe Mines
HP 50000
Skill ・Megavolt

If you want to skip all EXP, it is good that Terra casts Fire to suicide. It is good that Biggs and Wedge level up two or three around the save point. And then, they defeat Ymir. It has no EXP.



Guard Leader

Name Guard Leader
Location Narshe Mines
HP 420
Skill ・Normal Attack
Weakness Poison

We have to defend Terra with Locke and Mogs. Let the only mogs party move and defeat Guard Leader if you want to skip EXP. When you beat two Silver Lobos, the guard leader can use Charge. It causes around 100 damages to mogs. You might want to leave one Silver Lobo be and defeat the leader.



Megatek Armor

Name Magitek Armor
Location Figaro
HP 210
Skill ・Metal Kick
・Matitek Laser
Weakness Lightning

Edgar joins the party. Two Magitek Armors attack the party from behind. Use Auto Crossbow two times only to defeat the machines.




Name Vargas
Location Mt. Kolts
(You should damage over 720. Then, the one-on-one event happens with Sabin.)
Skill ・Normal Attack
・Gale Cut
・Blizzard Fist
・Doom Fist
Weakness Poison

Firstly, we have to defeat two Ipoohs. Defeat the bears by using Auto Crossbow and Fire at once. If not, we cannot attack Vargas. His Gale cut damages all party members around 50. You should keep 100 HP. It is good that Locke uses Potion to members. Buy thirty potions or more in the Figaro Castle. If Terra is K.O, you don’t need to use Pheonix Down to her.

Finally, Sabin appears when you damages him to an extent. Using Raging Fist brings to an end of the battle.



Ultros (1st)

Name Ultros (1st)
Location Lethe River
Skill ・Normal Attack
Weakness Fire

It is game over when Banon is K.O. You have to level Banon up to 8 or more before the Ultros’ battle. If you want to skip EXP, all four members attack enemies around the hideout and leave one enemy only. And then, Edgar, Terra, and Sabin suicide themselves and defeat the enemy with Banon only. That’s how you level Banon only up to 8 or more.

Edgar uses Auto Crossbow. Ultros is vulnerable to Fire-elemental attack, so Terra casts Fire to it. Sabin uses Aura Cannon only. Banon prays for healing members. Ultros attacks Terra, Sabin, and Banon in order. When it calls Sabin, you should let him defend.