Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge 4

I’ll explain how to defeat the bosses with low levels.



Bartz 2
Lenna 1
Galuf 1
Faris 4 >>> 9

In the pixel remaster, we definitely gain EXP from Little chariots on the Big bridge. Unfortunately, Faris levels up to 9 at the battle.



Barts, Lenna, and Faris are going to the second world. By the way, we don’t need to defeat Abductor that you meet after the arrival immediately at the island in the second world.



Gilgamesh (1st)

HP 1500
Weakness Minimize
Cutting an enemy’s HP by a certain percent

In the next battle, Galuf has to fight against Gilgamesh by himself. So, they unequip an Elven Mantle and equip it to him. Gilgamesh attacks Galuf at first in the battle. If Gilgamesh hits him, Galuf dies. He definitely has to avoid Gilgamesh’s attack. So, it is also good that he equips a shield.

In the above movie, I used the missile, which is blue magic. If he could hit the missile magic, Gilgamesh runs away from this battle. He can use the magic just only once. If you did not learn missile magic, you should use Mini magic. You might want to use the Zeninage ability to defeat Gilgamesh.

Want List

・Blue Magic (Missile)

・Elven Mantle



Little Chariots

HP 480
Weakness Stop

In this pixel remaster, we cannot avoid gaining EXP from these Little chariots at the first battle on the big bridge. In the SNES of Final Fantasy V, we can avoid gainning EXP if we can release Jackanapes to them. The specification is changed in ths pixel remaster. Gaining EXP from this battle cannot be helped. That’s pity. 

Faris just only defeats three Little Chariots. She levels up to nine from four. It is easy how to defeat them. Equip a thunder rod and throw another one to them. Defeat them after the rest of the party members are K.O.



How to Skip Encounters on Big Bridge

As you already know, there are other enemies on the Big Bridge. So, you have to skip encountering them all. After the Little Chariots battle, take four steps forward. And then go right. Take two steps forwards and go back to the center. Take five steps forward and go right again. After that, move forwards to the room. Watch the below video if you want to know how to skip encounters on the Big Bridge.



Gilgamesh (2nd)

HP 6000
Weakness Mute

You have to fight against Gilgamesh in the room of the Big Bridge. When Gilgamesh uses Wind Slash ability, all party members die. Even if Gilgamesh’s normal attack hits each member, the member dies. So, we need to defeat them at once.

It is an effective way you make the party members set the Image ability. The ability can avoid a normal attack twice If so. Also, Mute, Slow, and Old magic are effective against Gilgamesh. However, we cannot cast the Old magic at this point. In the above low-level challenge video, I make Bartz equip Ancient Sword and inflict Old to Gilgamesh. The old magic is to decrease level gradually. After Gilgamesh’s level decreases up to one, Goblin Punch from Lenna and Galuf can damage Gilgamesh. If you don’t learn Goblin Punch, you should use some rods to Gilgamesh.

Mute of the Time Magic means that it does NOT allow all enemies and party members to cast any spells. You should use the magic if you want to prevent Gilgamesh from casting magic.

Want List


・Ancient Sword
・Pheonix Down x 99




After the Gilgamesh’s second battle, you also need to avoid encounters on the Big Bridges. Go out of the room and take four steps forwards. And then, go right and take two steps. Go back to the center and take five steps and go right again. After that, go straight forward.

It is a pity that we cannot avoid gaining EXP from three Little Chariots on the Big Bridge in the pixel remaster.