Etrian Odyssey III HD: Challenge Run Reports 02

Etrian Odyssey III HD: Challenge Run Reports


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Challenge Run – All Farmers Party

The challenge run is for five Farmers to attempt to conquer the labyrinth after the Subclass is unlocked. For a table of contents and detailed information about party members, please refer to the separate article provided. Click here. It contains comprehensive details about each party member, their roles, skills, and strategies.


Report 02 – Battle on the 9th basement floor

As you may already know, Farmers are characterized by their lower stats, including attack power, defense, and HP. While they do possess a higher Luck stat, it doesn’t often come into play during battles.

In the video showcased above, you can witness a group of five Farmers with subclass combinations taking on the challenges of the 9th basement floor. Although they lack firepower in that battle, it is a battle in which they manage to hold their ground so as not to die. Repeating such battles, you will advance through the 9th basement floor.

It’s important to note that at levels 28 or 29, defeating F.O.E.s in the third stratum becomes quite challenging for the Farmers. Their attacks may not deal substantial damage, and victory often relies on luck, hoping for the Farmers to inflict petrification or instant death on the F.O.E. Therefore, at this stage, we will basically avoid F.O.E. The F.O.E. on the 9th basement floor does not move at night, so it is easy to avoid. However, we need to raise their level for what is to come. Considering these factors, it is advisable for the party to generally avoid direct confrontations with F.O.E.s at this stage. Thankfully, on the 9th basement floor, F.O.E.s remain stationary during the night, making it easier to evade them. By strategically navigating the labyrinth during nighttime, the party can minimize the risk of engaging with powerful F.O.E.s. However, it’s crucial to continue leveling up the Farmers to prepare for the forthcoming challenges that lie ahead.

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