Tactics Ogre Reborn – Recipes

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.


Name Notes
Melee Weapons I
Melee Weapons II
Ranged Weapons I
Ranged Weapons II
Smithing Armor I
Smithing Armor II
Codex of Jewelry I
Codex of Jewelry II
Codex of Jewelry III Floating Ruins Level 7
Codex of Ores
Codex of Timber
Codex of Textiles
On Medicine I
The Fist
Fist Enchiridion
The Blade
Dagger Enchiridion
Sword Enchiridion
2-H Sword Enchiridion
Axe, Spear & Hammer
Axe Enchiridion
Spear Enchiridion
Hammer Enchiridion
The Katana
Katana Enchiridion
2-H Katana Enchiridion
Cudgel & Whip
Cudgel Enchiridion
Whip Enchiridion
Musical Instruments I Tower of Law Eternal Level 2, 3, 5, 8, 9
Musical Instruments II Floating Ruins Level 1, 3
Ranged Weapons I
Ranged Weapons II
Ways of the Gerges
The Bow
Bow Enchiridion
The Crossbow
Crossbow Enchiridion
The Fusil
Fusil Enchiridion
Shield Enchiridion