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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

The Jewel Beasts

Progression Rank 10-
Requirement Complete the quest “Aquatic Ecology"
Rewards Jewels
(Bejeweled Shield)
Related Quest Unsettling Settlement
The Fiends of Saoki
Return of the Vampires
The Assassins’ Guild
Memo Depending on the progress, the Jewel Beast may be asleep. In that case, it will not wake up until its HP is reduced by 10,000.
  1. Once you’ve completed the quest “Aquatic Ecology," talk to Strom again. It will provide you with the location of the Jewel Beast.
  2. Additionally, if you’ve finished the quest “The Assassins’ Guild" with a progression rank of 14 or lower, you can also learn the Jewel Beast’s whereabouts.
  3. However, in this case, the quest “The Jewel Beast" will not be added to the player’s notes.
  4. Enter the Jewel Beast’s Lair.
  5. Check each pillars and then defeat the Lamir and Zombie Dragons guarding the pillar.
  6. Overcome the enemies obstructing your path.
  7. Confront and defeat the Jewel Beast.
How to obtain Bejeweled shield

If Aldora is in your party, an event will occur after the Jewel Beast is defeated and the Bejeweled Shield is obtained.