How to earn Jewel easily: Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered Walkthrough


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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

How to earn Jewel easily

  1. Start the “New Game+.”
  2. Select Gray as a protagonist.
  3. Set the progression to the mode “very fast.” Players who haven’t beaten Saruin (True Power) should set it to the mode “fast.”
  4. Go to Melvir by ship.
  5. Talk with Gian in the Melvir and recruit Craudia.
  6. Fight against the killer.
  7. Accept the quest “Wuhan’s Secret” at the pub in the South Estamir.
  8. Head to Northpoint and recruit Guella Ha in the pub.
  9. Go to Godongo by ship.
  10. Enter the Geckling village in Jungle.
  11. Talk to the head of the village.
  12. Go to Oapu.
  13. I went around the back of the weapon shop and heard a noise.
  14. Enter the shop and defeat the shopkeeper.
  15. Go back to the Geckling village and talk to the head again.
  16. Talk to the other geckling.
  17. Go to Uso and recruit Hawke.
  18. Head to Northpoint and enter the pub.
  19. Talk to the man that looks for mummy.
  20. Bring him catacombs in Estamir Tunnel.
  21. Enter the Melvir library and read the dictionary.
  22. Head back to Northpoint and talk to the priest in the Temple of Amut.
  23. Go east in the temple. If you chose the male main character, you have to fight the guards and enters the room. But if not, you enter the room without fighting them.
  24. Talk to Farah in the room. And then, Wuhan appears and fight the Wuhan’s guards.
  25. After that, talk to Farah in her house. Receive a reward.
  26. Players who haven’t beaten Schirach should skip the following steps.
  27. Enter the pub in the South Estamir and talk to Schiele. 
  28. Defeat the minion of Saruin.
  29. Start the “New Game+.” and repeat these above procedure again and again.
Easy Jewl Earning.

This is the way you can do the steps from the second playthrough.