Kathryn – Mercenaries Blaze


Kathryn - Mercenaries Blaze


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Mercenaries Blaze.



Kathryn’s class is as below.

  • Nun
  • Priestess
  • Choir Girl
  • Bishop
  • Superioress
  • Diva
  • Valkyrie


Blaze Exceed

Saint’s Tears Revives ally at HP45% (100% success rate) BP3, Range 0-0, Scope ∞




Healing Recover HP of % Lv1: Recover 30% of HP
Lv8: Recover 65% of HP
Cure Heals status ailment Lv1: Heals poisons
Lv8: Heals All abrnormal status.
Protection Protective magic. DEF&MDF+ Lv1: DEF&MDF+20, scope 1
Lv8: DEF&MDF+55, scope 2
Peace Enemies won’t target. Aggro- Lv1: Aggro-150
Lv8: Aggro-500
MEN Increase [Passive] MEN+ Lv1: MEN+3
Lv8: MEN+25




High Healing Recover % of HP Lv1: Recover 60% of HP, Range 0-2
Lv8: Recover 90% of HP, Range 0-3
God’s Wrath Lightning attack from the skies Lv1: MP11
Lv8: MP18
Resurrection Revive with % HP (75% chance) Lv1: Revive with 20% HP (75% chance) Range 1-1, Scope 1
Lv8: Revive with 40% HP (75% chance) Range 1-3, Scope 2
Bless Provide God’s blessing. STS+ Lv1: STS+10%
Lv8: STS+25%
AbsSts Res. [Passive] ABN-STS-RES+ Lv1: ABN-STS-RES+10



Choir Girl

Sacred Light Lower holy resistances with sacred light Lv1: Recover 30% of HP
Lv8: Recover 65% of HP
Marching Song Inc. target’s MOV+ Lv1: MOV+1
Lv2: MOV+2
Lv3: MOV+3
Silence Lullaby Siliences enemy Lv1: MP22
Lv8: MP32
Protection Song Area allies receive ABN-STS RES+ Lv1: ABN-STS RES+30
Lv8: ABN-STS RES+100
HP Increase [Passive] Max HP+ Lv1: Max HP+10
Lv8: Max HP+100




Area Heal Area-recover HP of % Lv1: Area-recover 35% HP, Range 0-2, Scope 2
Lv8: Area-recover 50% HP, Range 0-3, Scope 3
Mana Ration Transfer MP to target Lv1: Transfer 20 MP to target
Lv8: Transfer 90 MP to target
Restore Negete positive effects and allied summons Lv1: Range 0-2, Scope 1
Lv3: Range 0-4, Scope 1
Lv4: Range 0-2, Scope 2
Lv6: Range 0-4, Scope 2
Lv8: Range 0-3, Scope 3
Regenerate Gather strength and unleash it Lv1: Gather strength and unleash it
Lv2: Recover 30HP at start of turn
Lv8: Recover 75HP at start of turn
MP Increase [Passive] Max MP+ Lv1: Max MP+10
Lv8: Max MP+75




Sanctuary Attacks with an area of holy soil Lv1: Recover 30% of HP
Lv8: Recover 65% of HP
Shine Heal HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS.STSDOWN Lv1: 50%HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS.STSDOWN, Range 0-1
Lv8: 100%HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS.STSDOWN, Range 0-3
Area Cure Protective magic. DEF&MDF+ Lv1: Heal Poison, Range 0-2, Scope 3
Lv8: Heal All abnormal status, Range 0-4, Scope 3
Anabio Revive with 100%HP (100% chance) Lv1: MP74, Range 1-1, Scope 1
Lv8: MP60, Range 1-1, Scope 1
Meditation [Passive] Meditation Lv1: MPR+3%
Lv8: MEN+10%




Holy Burn Attack with holy magic Lv1: MP18
Lv8: MP25
Yaggdrasil Guard Max HP+ and HP REC per turn Lv1: Max HP+25 and 25HP REC per turn
Lv8: Max HP+120 and 75HP REC per turn
Valkyrie’s Song Song that encourages valor +CRT% Lv1: +CRT5%
Lv8: +CRT15%
Experience Aria Increase obtained EXP by % Lv1: Increase obtained EXP by 20%
Lv8: Increase obtained EXP by 100%
INT Increase [Passive] INT+ Lv1: INT+3
Lv8: INT+25




Javelin Ray Attack with lance of light Lv1: MP24, Range 1-3
Lv8: MP48, Range 1-4
Meow Riot Meow Lv1: Meow
Lv8: MeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeow?!
Tranquility Calms the mind. RES+ Lv1: RES+10
Lv8: RES+25
VIT Increase [Passive] VIT+ Lv1: VIT+3
Lv8: VIT+25
Survival Skill [Pass.] % chance to avoid K.O. Lv1: 3% chance to avoid K.O.
Lv8: 20% chance to avoid K.O.