Key Items – Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

The is the key item list of the Final Fantasy 1 pixel remaster version.

Key Items

Lute A sonorous instrument of great beauty.
Crown A crown that shimmers mysteriously. Leads to the fight with Astos and allows you to take the Trials.
Crystal Eye Trade with Matoya for the Jolt Tonic.
Jolt Tonic Talk to the next person to the Elf Prince to wake him.
Mystic Key A key that opens magically sealed doors.
Nitro Powder A powder of great explosive power.
Star Ruby An enormous red jewel.
Earth Rod A rod imbued with the power of earth/nature.
Canoe A small boat for crossing lakes and rivers
Rat’s Tail A token of valor and strength
Levistone A mysterious rock that floats in the air.
Warp Cube A cube made of a multi-hued substance.
Bottled Faerie A bottle containing a faerie.
Oxyale A strange liquid that gushes forth air.
Rosetta Stone A tablet inscribed with ancient writing
Chime A dulcet chime of Lufenian origin.
Adamantite Legendary Metal of renowned strength.