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Dragon Quest X Offline


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.


A warrior has high strength, resilience, and HP stats but low Agility. Also, he/she has no magical ability. A warrior can equip sword, greatsword, axe, heavy armors and shields.


List of skills

Lv Exclusiveness Skill Type MP cost Description
4 Warrior Only
Cover Skill 0 It takes damages in place of the other party member.
8 All Vocations Regilience +5 Passive
14 All Vocations Strength +5 Passive
20 All Vocations Lost Attack Skill 4 It deals an attack to a single target for 1.1 times damage that removes anger status and 25 points.
24 All Vocations Regilience +5 Passive
28 All Vocations Strength +5 Passive
35 Warrior Only
Body Slam Skill 4 It damages and inflicts shock. Shocked enemies cannot act at the next turn.
40 All Vocations Max HP +30 Passive
45 All Vocations Regilience +10 Passive
50 Warrior Only
Blade Crushing Skill 4 It weakens the attack of the enemy.
55 Warrior Only
The Knowledge of Cover Passive It strengthens the skill of “Cover.” It decreases damages minus 30 during the skill of “Cover.”
60 Warrior Only
Strength +5 Passive
65 Warrior Only
Charge Tackle Skill 4 It damages and inflicts shock. Shocked enemies cannot act at the next turn.



Skill Panels



Special Skills

Tension (%) Special Skill Weapon Description
50 Critical Hit Critical Hit with 100% accuracy.
75 Gigagash Sword It deals lightning damage to all enemies.
75 Bing Banga Greatsword It deals fire damage to all enemies.
100 Shin Axes of Evil Axe It deals damage to all enemies.



Vocation Quests

10 とある老行者の試練 The Trials of an Old Warrior
15 修羅への道 The Road to Shura
20 闇との境界 Boundaries with Darkness
25 強さの果て The Ultimate Strength
30 真の敵は The True Enemy

Gren Castle Town C-6.