DQ10 Offline List of Items – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline

Here’s an article for Dragon Quest X offline. I’ll show you the list of items of DQX offline. This is not the English version.

List of items

Item (Japanese) Item (English) Uses
やくそう Medicinal herb Restores around 30 HP
上やくそう Strong medicine Restores at least 50 HP
いやしそう Superior medicine Restores around 70 HP
特やくそう Special medicine Restores at least 90 HP
超やくそう Super medicine Restores at least 300 HP
アモールの水 Amor’s water Restores at least 60 HP
どくけしそう Antidote herb Cures poison
上どくけしそう Strong antidote Cures poison
Restores around 30 HP
特どくけしそう Special antidote Cures poison
Restores at least 60 HP
まんげつそう Moonwort bulb Cures paralysis
きつけそう Softwort Cures paralysis
Restores at least 30 HP
つきのめぐみ Lunaria Cures paralysis
Restores at least 60 HP
天使のすず Angel bell Cures Fuddle
せかいじゅの葉 Yggdrasil leaf Revives one ally
Restores half of the ally’s HP
せかいじゅのしずく Yggdrasil dew Restores all HP to all allies
まほうの小ビン Single phial Restores 10 MP
まほうのせいすい Magic water Restores at least 35 MP
けんじゃのせいすい Sage’s elixir Restores at least 70 MP
ようせいの霊薬 Fairy’s miraculous medicine Restores at least 90 MP
せいれいの霊薬 Spirit’s miraculous medicine Restores at least 150 MP
エルフの飲み薬 Elfin elixir Restores all MP
どくがのこな Coagulant Inflicts paralysis
まだらくも糸 Tangleweb Decreases agility
ゆめみの花 Sleeping Hibscus Inflicts paralysis
めざめの花 Wakerobin Cures sleep
ウルベア銅貨 Drasilian shilling Sell for 100 gold
ウルベア銀貨 Drasilian guinea Sell for 500 gold
ウルベア金貨 Drasilian sovereign Sell for 2,000 gold
黄金の花びら Golden petal Sell for 100,000 gold
きせきの香水 Miracle perfume Appear rare monsters easily.
メタルな香水 Metal perfume Appear metal group monsters easily.
元気玉 Genki-dama Double EXP and Gold for half an hour.
ふくびき券 Tombola ticket You can draw a Tombola.
うちなおしの宝珠 Reforge pearl You can forge weapon and armor again.
おもいでのすず Memory Bell Escape dungeons
おたからさがしのすず Treasure Bell You can see treasures on the map.
スキルアップパネル・銅 Skillup panel: Bronze Item for Skillup panel
スキルアップパネル・銀 Skillup panel: Silver Item for Skillup panel
スキルアップパネル・金 Skillup panel: Gold Item for Skillup panel
スキルアップパネル・虹 Skillup panel: Rainbow Item for Skillup panel
ゴールドストーン Gold stone Material
きんかい Gold bar Material