DQ5 Pankraz – Dragon Quest V

DQ5 Pankraz - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.



Pankraz is the hero’s father. He is the King of Gotha. His younger brother is Albert, who is the prince of Gotha temporarily. Pankraz’s wife is Mada, who was taken to Nadiria. Pankraz behaves with grace and dignity. People in the Gotha like him. He has charisma as a king. He saved the Zenithian lady and started researching its castle, weapons, and armor.

At the beginning of the Dragon Quest V story, Pankraz and the hero is traveling around the world. He is looking for a legendary hero. He tried to leave the hero at the Gotha, but the hero cried loudly then. As a result, he is taking the hero on his journey. Also, he has his house in Whealbrook village, and he is the head.

He can attack twice, but we cannot order him. He moves automatically during any battle. He is strong, so we never lose any battle. After a battle, he casts a Heal spell on the hero every time.

Due to the serious incident involving the Coburg prince, he loses his life.



Lv 27
Max HP 410
Max MP 65
Strength 117
Agility 35
Resilience 79
Wisdom 95
Luck 92
Attack 157
Defence 92
Weapon Pankraz’s sword
Armour Leather kilt
Spell Heal