DQ5 List of Locations – Dragon Quest V


DQ5 List of Locations - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


List of Locations

Locations Memo
Whealbrook The first town Hero and his father Pankraz lives. There’s a cave in the back.
Roundbeck The town Bianca lives is located west of Roundbeck. 
Uptaten Towers The castle is located northwest of Roundbeck.
Faerie Lea The world Honey takes Hero to. Treacle heads the Faerie village.
Dwarf’s Den The cave is located west of Faerie village.
Winter Palace The palace is located northwest of Faerie village. Hero has to fight against the Winter Queen.
Coburg Castle The castle is located east of Whealbrook. It is the home of Prince Harry. Faux Dowager pretends to be Queen Dowager.
Cave Northeast of Coburg The cave is located northeast of Coburg Castle. Hero has to go to the cave to save Harry.
Heaven’s Above Abbey After being captured has taken ten years, Hero, Harry, and Maria drift to the convent.
Fortuna There are many shops, such as a casino and Oracle shop. Monty is in this town. You can buy a wagon to take monsters in the Oracle shop.
Coburg Pass The pass is located east of Whealbrook. You need to get through to Coburg.
Abovitall Tower The tower is located south of Heaven’s Above Abbey. To enter it, you take Maria to it.
Littlehaven The port is located south of Whealbrook. Pankraz and Hero arrive at the port first. After defeating Faux Dowager, you can get on the ship to Lodestar Harbour.
Lodestar Harbour There are a large pub and a Tombola house in the port. Also, Monty is in this town.
Hay The village is located south of Lodestar Harbour. Great sabrecub in the west cave attacks the villagers.
Scary Lair The cave is located west of Hay.
Zoomingale The town is located west of Lodestar Harbour. Hero has to learn Zoom in this town.
Tunnel south of Zoomingale The tunnel is located south of Zoomingale. Hero has to get through the pass to Monstroferrato. You cannot pass through the tunnel in case you do not learn Zoom and see Harry.
Mostroferrato Rodrigo Briscoletti lives in the town. He has the Zenithian shield.
La Guardia The tower is next to Mostroferrato. Hero has to fight against Bjørn the Behemoose on the top of the tower in the latter youth era.
Mt Magmageddon There’s a Circle of Fire very deep inside. To obtain it, Hero fights against three Magman.
Stockenbarrel Bianca and her father move to this village. A craftsman in the village is creating a wedding veil.
Cataract Caves Cataract Caves are located north of Stockenbarrel. The cave is into the waterfall.
The Pothold Bjørn the Behemoose is sealed in the mysterious pot.
Pontoon The Casino island “Pontoon" is located east of Lodestar Harbour. Ventuno is next to Pontoon.
Ventuno The Casino ship “Ventuno" comes alongside Pontoon.
Knick-knackatory The goods musium. It is located north of Dominicus’s Dominion.
Helmunaptra The castle is in the desert. The desert island is located south of the world. Queen Cleohatra protects the Zenithian helm.
Dominicus’s Dominion The mansion is located to east of Helmunaptra. King Dominicus lives in the mansion. He exchanges mini medals to valuable items.
Knot Welcome Inn The inn is located east of Dominicus’s Dominion.
Mt Batten Pass The pass is located north of Knot Welcome Inn. You have to go it up to the Battenberg.
Battenberg The small village is deep in the Gotha mountains.
Gotha Path The path is from Batternberg to Gotha.
Gotha The castle is around the mountain. You can go there, passing through the Mt Batten Pass, Battenberg, and Gotha Path. It is the home of Hero and Pankraz.
Riteof Passage The dungeon is located east of Gotha. There’s a custom passing down to Royal Family. According to the custom, Hero has to obtain Royal Insignia.
Northminister The church is located north of Gotha. You can go near to the church when using the Talaria. The sandals are in the drawer of the chancellor’s room.
Knightmare Towers The towers are located north of Northminister.
The Porgie Estate The mansion has located on the edge of the world.
Auction Site The site is located north of Whealbrook. You can go to the site in the latter youth era.
Moot Point The house is located north of Lofty Peak. You can obtain a mini medal.
Estuary Sanctuary The sanctuary is located in the northeast of the world..It is in the sea cave. Firstly, you get through the cave to Lofty Peak. Secondly, to go to Nadiria, you enter the shrine to set the Circle of Fire, Circle of water, and Circle of Life.
Lofty Peak It is the hometown of the hero’s mother. You can obtain the Magic Key and Flying carpet in the town.
Stairway to Zenithia The tower is located in the center of the world. You can go there after obtaining the Flying carpet.
Diggery Pokery The cave is located south of Lofty Peak. You can enter the cave after using Magma staff. Dr Agon is in the cave.
Zenithia The castle is sunk in the lake. You can go there getting through Diggery Pokery.
Neverglade The forest is located southeast of Mostroferrato. To go to Faerie Lea, Hero has to get it through in the latter youth era. You can go there using the Flying carpet.
Sacred Lake The lake is located north of Stairway to Zenithia.
Faerie Palace Queen Caramel governs the palace.
Mantleplace The cave is located north of Whealbrook. You cannot go deep inside when you do not obtain the Ultimate key.
Talon Tower The tower is located in the southwest of the world.
Crocodilopolis The Great Temple is located in the center of the world. Hero and Harry are captured and work in the temple in the former youth era. You can obtain the Zenithian armour.
Nadiria The world lies beyond the Estuary Sanctuary. To save Hero’s mother, you have to go there.
Nadiria Shrine It is the gate between the world and Nadiria.
Precaria The town is in Nadiria.
Nadiria T’n’T board The T’n’T board place is in Nadiria.
Mt. Zugzwang The mountain is the final dungeon. It is located north of Nadira T’n’T board.
Fungeon The extra dungeon is located south of Mt. Zugzwang. You can go there after the ending.
Stark Raving T’n’T Board The place is on the first basement floor of Fungeon. You can play the T’n’T Board game after defeating the extra boss, not the final one.