DQ5 List of Knick-knacks (Souvenirs) – Dragon Quest V

DQ5 List of Knick-knacks - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


List of Knick-knacks (Souvenirs)

Knick-knacks Location Memo
Stone from Whealbrook Whealbrook Check In the well at Whealbrook. This is not a knick-knack.
Silver tea tray Uptaten Towers This is not a knick-knack.
Silver teapot Uptaten Towers This is not a knick-knack.
Toff’s teacup Uptaten Towers This is not a knick-knack.
Toff’s tea set Uptaten Towers You have to collect silver tea tray, silver teapot, and Toff’s teacup.
Blooming branch Faerie Lea After defeating the Winter Queen, You can obtain the branch, returning to Whealbrook from Faerie Lea.
Crude image Heaven’s Above Abbey Talk to the nun in the left room.
Zizzwizz Pillow Roundbeck Talk to the woman innkeeper after staying at the inn two times.
Terrorcrow Hay Talk to the man in the house near the Terrorcrow after joining the Great sabrecub. After that, check the crow.
Slime curio Fortuna Buy it at the curiosity shop in the northwest corner of the town.
Martial organ Coburg After learning Zoom, go to Coburg and talk to Harry. And then, check the treasure chest in the room where prince Harry was. After that, talk to Harry again.
Ship in a bottle Lodestar Harbour You can buy it in the ship hangar after learning Zoom.
Zoomshine Zoomingale After learning Zoom, talk to the old man in the church and then talk to the bartender. At night, go to the church again and talk to the man near the pot. After that, talk to Professor Toilen Trubble.
Scuttlebutt Alledger Scuttlebutt Talk to the innkeeper from behind and then check the counter table.
Honey buns Mostroferrato You can obtain it automatically after the wedding.
Desert rose The south of Helmunaptra Talk to the man near the armor shop and then stay at the inn. Go outside Helmunaptra and check the stone you see at the south of the castle.

This is not a knick-knack.

Scintillating sinter Stockenbarrel Give Desert rose to the man in the well.
Chocolate medalliyum Dominicus’s Dominion Talk to the innkeeper from behind and buy it.
Maxi medal Dominicus’s Dominion Firstly, talk to the Old Man Nick Knack and also talk to King Dominicus. Secondly, Talk to the innkeeper in Dominicus’s Dominion. Finally, you can obtain the medal outside the dominion.
Forget-me-Knot flag Knot Welcome Inn Stay the inn over four members. And then talk to the innkeeper from behind.
Batten binnacle Battenberg Talk to the woman downstairs in the weapon shop.
Madalena’s locket Gotha Sancho gives the locket to the hero. To upgrade it, you have to follow the below procedures.

  1. After the ending, go to the past Lofty Peak from Faerie Palace in front of the right picture.
  2. Obtain the Tusk-tusk tusk inkwell in advance.
  3. Receive Faerie quill. See below if you want to know how to obtain it.
  4. Go to the past Lofty Peak and pass Tusk-tusk tusk inkwell and Faerie quill to Pankraz in the town.
  5. Talk to the inkeeper of the past Lofty Peak.
  6. Use T 'n’ T ticket to the soldier in front of Mada’s room.
  7. Talk to past Pankraz.
  8. Enter Mada’s room and talk to past Pankraz again.
  9. Return to the Faerie Palace and go to the past Lofty Peak again.
  10. Talk to the poet next to the past Pankraz in the past Lofty Peak.
  11. After returning to the Faerie Palace, the mother’s painting is in the locket.
Monster chess Gotha After becoming Gotha King, talk to the soldier in the room next to the throne in the second generation.
After joining Tuppence, talk to him in the third generation.
Tusk-tusk tusk inkwell Northminister In the third generation, talk to the woman on the ground floor.
Lofty Lilts Lofty Peak Talk to the woman in the Mada’s room.
Yggdrasil sapling Zenithia Talk to the woman near the treasure chest that Grappling hook is inside.
Crown of Uptaten Uptaten Towers Polish the Toff’s tea set on display using Chamois. And then, give it to the King in front of the door at the Uptaten Tower.
Whealbrook Bluestone Lofty Peak Talk to the man on the small farm near the inn at the Whealbrook after getting Stone from Whealbrook, and then check the rock that the hero saved the item shop master and obtain the rock. After that, give it to the craftsman in Lofty Peak and stay one night. You can obtain the Whealbrook Bluestone by talking to him again.
Annalum Retentium Precaria Talk to the daemon in the water wheel and choose yes.
Ghoulroarer Mt. Zugzwang Treasure chest
Faerie quill Faerie Lea
  1. Go to the Faerie Palace after the ending.
  2. Go up and stand in front of the painting in the right-side room.
  3. Check it, and then warp to the past Lofty Peak.
  4. Go to the room behind the town.
  5. Enter the room and talk to the young Pankraz.
  6. Go out of the town to return to the Faerie Palace.
  7. Go down and talk to the scholar on the ground floor of the Faerie Palace.
  8. Go to Faerie Lea and talk to Sherbet at the library. You receive Faerie quill from her.
Catas Trophy Fungeon Defeat Estark within 15 turns.