Dalton – Mercenaries Blaze


Dalton - Mercenaries Blaze


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Mercenaries Blaze.




Dalton’s class is as below.

  • Cleric
  • Priest
  • Temple Knight
  • Bishop
  • Healer
  • Holy Gurad
  • Judgement


Blaze Exceed

Guiding Light Recovers HP380, dispels all status ailments BP3, Range 0-0, Scope ∞




Healing Recover HP Lv1: Recover 30% of HP
Lv8: Recover 65% of HP
Cure Heals abnormal status Lv1: Heals poison
Lv8: Heals all abnormal status, Range 0-4
Protection Protective magic. DEF&MDF+ Lv1: DEF&MDF+20
Lv8: DEF&MDF+55, Scope 2
Strong Blow Strong attack with weapon Lv1: MP7
Lv8: MP14
MEN Increase [Passive] MEN+ Lv1: MEN+3
Lv8: MEN+25




High Healing Recover HP Lv1: Recover 60% of HP, Range 2
Lv5: Recover 100% of HP, Range 2
Lv6: Recover 70% of HP, Range 3
Lv8: Recover 90% of HP, Range 3
Resurrection Revive with % HP (75% chance) Lv1: Revive with 20% HP (75% chance), Range 1-1
Lv2: Revive with 25% HP (75% chance), Range 1-2
Lv5: Revive with 35% HP (75% chance), Range 1-3
Lv5: Revive with 40% HP (75% chance), Range 1-3, Scope 2
Bless Provide God’s blessing. STS+ Lv1: STS+10%
Lv8: STS+25%
Holy Weapon Change weapon attribute to holy Lv1: Scope 1
Lv8: Scope 2
AbnSts Res. [Passive] ABN-STS-RES+ Lv1: ABN-STS-RES+10




Area Heal Area-recover  Lv1: Area-recover 35%, Range 0-2, Scope 2
Lv5: Area-recover 35%, Range 0-3, Scope 3
Lv8: Area-recover 50%, Range 0-3, Scope 3
Mana Ration Transfer MP to target Lv1: 20MP
Lv8: 90MP
Restore Negate positive effects and allied summons Lv1: Range 0-2, Scope 1
Lv3: Range 0-4, Scope 1
Lv4: Range 0-2, Scope 2
Lv6: Range 0-4, Scope 2
Lv6: Range 0-3, Scope 3
Regenerate Recover HP at start of turn Lv1: Gather strength and unleash it
Lv2: Recover 30HP at start of turn
Lv8: Recover 75HP at start of turn
MP Increase [Passive] Max MP+ Lv1: Max MP+10
Lv8: Max MP+75




Shine Heal Recover HP Lv1: 50%HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS, STSDWN, Range 0-1
Lv3: 100%HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS, STSDWN, Range 0-1
Lv4: 50%HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS, STSDWN, Range 0-2
Lv6: 100%HPREC+Heal all ABNSTS, STSDWN, Range 0-3
Lv8: AllHPREC+Heal all ABNSTS, STSDWN, Range 0-3
Area Cure Heals abnormal status Lv1: Heals poison, Range 0-2
Lv4: Heals poinson/slow/blind/silence, Range 0-3
Lv4: Heals all abnormal status, Range 0-4
Anabio Revive with 100%HP (100% chance) Lv1: MP74
Lv8: MP60
HP Increase [Passive] Max HP+ Lv1: Max HP+10
Lv8: Max HP+100
Meditation [Passive] MPR+ Lv1: MPR+3%
Lv8: MPR+10%



Holy Guard

Ground Cross Attack with holy cross Lv1: MP19
Lv8: MP34
Iron Wall Increase defencse. DEF+ Lv1: DEF+20%
Lv8: DEF+50%
Anti-Flame Fire RES+ Lv1: Fire RES+25 scope 1
Lv4: Fire RES+75 scope 1
Lv5: Fire RES+25 scope 2
Lv8: Fire RES+65 scope 2
Anti-Earth Earth RES+ Lv1: Earth RES+25 scope 1
Lv4: Earth RES+75 scope 1
Lv5: Earth RES+25 scope 2
Lv8: Earth RES+65 scope 2
Survival Skill [Passive] chance to avoid K.O. Lv1: 3% chance to avoid K.O.
Lv8: 20% chance to avoid K.O.




Judgement Attack in the name of god + Confuse Lv1: MP18
Lv8: MP28
Heaven’s Sword Attack with holy sword Lv1: MP25
Lv8: MP39
Absolute DEF Invalidate 1 attack next turn Lv1: Invalidate 1 attack next turn
Lv8: Invalidate 4 attack next turn
Valkyrie Guard ATK+%, DEF+%, MaxHP+ Lv1: ATK+10%, DEF+10%, MaxHP+45
Lv8: ATK+20%, DEF+20%, MaxHP+150
STR Increase [Passive] STR+ Lv1: STR+3
Lv8: STR+25