Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

DQ3 Mini Medal Locations - Dragon Quest 3

There are 110 mini medals in the world. We explain the Locations for Dragon Quest 3 smartphone apps. If you don’ ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

DQ3 List of Mini Medal Prizes - Dragon Quest 3

Thorn Whip5WeaponGarter10AccessoryEdged Boomerang15WeaponStrength Ring30AccessoryScholar’s Specs35AccessoryAgility ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

[DQ3] What is Mini Medal? - Dragon Quest 3

We can get prizes when you pass mini medals to the Medal Majesty. For example, if you pass the five medals to him, yo ...


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On May 27th, 2021, Square Enix announced the Dragon quest 3 HD-2D remake version.


What is Dragon Ques ...


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Square Enix officially announced the Dragon Quest 12. They did not reveal the release date and play platform.

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